Friday, November 7, 2014

A Very Spooky Halloween Night

Had a great time visiting Clair Marie's Spooky house over on the other side of our neighborhood...Her family is so creative and even did an entire Spooky House through their garage...the kids loved checking out all the scary stuff:)  We even got to trick or treat with them on their street...Ryder was in love with Claire's Mommy dressed as the Queen of Hearts too!!  Later on we headed back to our street to trick or treat with more friends and pass out candy:)  The kids did twice around our block and their buckets were filled to the brim...Carissa favorites were the flavored tootsie rolls and star bursts and Mason loved him some Blow Pop strange because growing up I loved all the chocolate Snickers, Reeses etc...oh well more for us I guess:) They had a really fun time this Halloween and I hate to see it all end I too had a blast dressing them all up in different costumes and going to fun events:) I have gotten so many great deals on Costumes too that it paid off:)

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