Saturday, November 15, 2014

Road Trip to NC Zoo Weekend

So this morning it was frigid cold in South Carolina so why not head to the Zoo right?  It happened to still be a cold 36 degrees in Asheburo but we have never been to this Zoo so why not???  Mommy got all her wood cut in time for craft night monday thanks to Daddy so we loaded up the car and started the 2 hour drive....this zoo I have heard is ALOT of walking as the animals are really spread out and this was totally true!!!  We traveled from the animals in North America all the way to Africa:)  The leaves in the trees were so pretty still and the kids had fun playing in the Kid ZOne playyards. We got to see the seals swimming, the baby lion cubs wresting and the gorillas going for piggy back rides on their mamas:)  The kids also really liked the Geysers that shot water clear to the sky. We had sub sandwiches and chips at the little cafe and did a ton of walking....luckily they have trams they transport you to the different continents at the end:)  What a fun day touring the NC Zoo....we are now proud members for the year so we will have to make some more trips back!

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