Monday, August 17, 2015

Falls Park in Greenville SC

We had an amazing day visiting Greenville, SC We have been talking about taking a day trip for awhile and then Sunday morning Falls Park was featured on the news as an area that use to be close to non existant until they they redid it all and made this beautiful park. Well I am so glad we decided to head up there because it really is awesome!!!We started the day by following the path down to these unbelivable water falls just below a suspension bridge...there were pretty gardens and a really cool exposed rooted tree.  The kids had a blast climbing the rocks towards the falls they said they were super slippery.  We then had to put our name in for lunch so we treated the kids to ice cream at Blueberry Frogs across the street first. We then headed back to a pretty outdoor resturant called Mary's!  It was so yummy.....later we headed back to the gardens and walked more paths and took a quick ride through the many cute shops and places to come back and visit I am so happy I got to spend the day here with my family.

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