Saturday, August 1, 2015

Golf at Ballantyne Country Club Resort

We took the kids up to the Ballantyne Golf Resort yesterday to try out their new clubs and get them ready for Golf Camp at Springfield next week.  The kids did awesome on the driving range and putting course. I was really impressed with how hard they tried and how well they behaved. Mason kept saying he was not looking forward to camp but after an hour on the driving Range he is now pretty excited for camp and seemed to like it....Carissa has a slow swing but hoping she will improve at camp.  All the kids had fun and I think Daddy really liked this outing as was 96 degrees out at 6pm so luckily they have awesome amenities and had cups and water set out for all the players in the grille/club house area.  I sure do love these kiddos and am so lucky to take them to lots of fun things....hoping they someday can look back and see what a memorable childhood we tried so hard to create for them:) Even Ryder and Jack had fun putting and carrying the buckets of golf balls for us:)

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