Sunday, August 9, 2015

Peach Picking at the Orchard & some Yummy Goodness

This past weekend we decided to head out to York and do some Peach Picking at the Orchard....this was the last weekend they were hosting pick your own peaches.  Not many places offered it this year due to bad weather and not a ton of peaches but there sure were alot here.. The orchard is actually down the road from the peach stand and there was a scary dog running alongside our car and he only stopped when her was deterred by the large black snake in the road...yikes!!!! We were able to pull further in to avoid the crazy and found a nice quite spot to pick some was just us out there and there were lots to choose from...the kids love picking but sadly Carissa is pretty much the only one besides me that will even eat them......we got one huge peck of peaches and got out of there before the heat set in or the dog found us again...either way it was a fun morning out and Im so happy to be able to do this stuff with the kids now to find something yummy to make with all these amazing peaches!!!!

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