Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mommy's 36th Birthday Celebration

Wow...can't believe its my 36th today....It feels so old but I definately feel like I have accomplished alot in 36 years....I love my sweet kids and husband, have some really great friends and am thankful for each year I get to spend with them.  Today was lets just say very adventurous Darren was at the office all day so I took the boys shopping and then picked up the older 2 kids from school came home to get them ready for my birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory...Kelly and the girls were so sweet...they brought over cards, balloons and a beautiful cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes...so thoughtful, it made my day!  Met Darren at the resturaunt and had just got our food...minutes later Jackson throws up across the table so looks like my birthday dinner is over and didn't even get the cheesecake:( Luckily we had the beautiful red velvet cake at home still!!!  Almost burnt the house down as the candles set the cake decorations on fire. BUT still got to enjoy a slice while Darren gave Jack a bath and tucked the kids to bed!!!!  Overall, it was a good birthday and lucky I have so much to celebrate!!!

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