Sunday, January 11, 2015

Panthers Training Camp Day

The weather is cooler and lets face it January is pretty uneventful the kids have just finished up their winter break and their first week back in school and they already have a 3 1/2 day weekend due to teacher work days this weekend we tackled Mason's Science Fair Project and whew that was a doozy!!  and finally today, Sunday we got to get out for a bit and hit the park circut....We headed back to the newly redone park at Freedom Park that also included a awesome Carolina Panthers Training Camp and then we even hit up the new park at Park Rd. Park as well....stopped at Outback Steakhouse to finish up the night and hoping these little guys who did the 40 yard dash over and over will sleep through the night tonight!!!  Maybe anyways...tomorrow is another day off school but Daddy will be at the office so I am hoping it goes smoothly:) Mason had fun playing tackle football with some kids there while the little ones played all the different activities and glad we got out and had some fun!!!

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