Sunday, January 11, 2015

Science Fair....all about the Popcorn 2015

This year since the kids had all been sick when we should have been brainstorming science fair ideas we instead were missing school from the flu so we did our best and selected a project that would not take days to grow a plant or grow mold etc....we did which brand of popcorn was your best value....we bought 4 kinds of popcorn and popped 2 bags of each....Mason then counted over 2000 kernels to see which brands yielded the least amount of seeds....we did research on the history of the different kinds and Mason made his hypothesis....we put alot of work into it and it sure felt like it!!! Mason is almost done with the display board and so glad we didn't end up making the bug maze he originally wanted to make out of legos...I kept telling him we wont find ants anywhere this time of year (thankfully) and crickets would just jump out of the mazes he built....I'm sure that idea is not played out it may arise again nest year:)

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