Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sledding in Beech Mountain Trip 2015

This is Mommy's Birthday weekend and I was so excited we had a mountain trip planned with the kids....we had to wait an extra day since Carissa had a Tummy Bug earlier in the week....I wanted to make sure she was ok plus they were predicting bad weather for the mountains for Friday and Saturday...1-3 inches of snow, ice and frozen roads so we watched Carissa to see how she was feeling and also the weather and made a last minute descison to try for a Day trip on Sunday. Well it was the best idea ever because she was feeling better, the roads were clear and dry but we still got all the beauty of the snow covered mountains. It was so pretty up there even though I hate the winding roads it takes to get there!  We went to the sledding hill at Beech Mountain, it was the best option because the boys are still too little for snow boarding and skiing. They had an awesome time on the hill with the snow tubes and sleds.....the Beech Mountain Visitor Center has a complimentary sledding hill which was perfect for us!!!  The kids played in the snow for a few hours and then we had lunch at the pizza place right across the street...the weather was great mid-thirties and not a bit windy...could not have asked for a better birthday weekend!!!! The Big-36 tomorrow for this mommy!!!

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