Friday, May 16, 2014

Afternoon Fun with Neighborhood Friends


So I thought we would take the kids to Carowinds this afternoon but the kids had other plans in mind. They would much rather play outside in front with friends.....sword fights, bike riding and American girl doll clubs is enough fun for them I guess.  The weather is nice today in the high 70's so this morning I took the boys to the playground and for a walk around the pond. They held hands the whole way in search of ducks. They got to see some but they went into the water as we got close. Ryder and Jack love the slides and it is nice they can do the playground by themselves now without too much help:)  They had a great morning and even more fun outside when Carissa and Mason got home from school....looking forward to my relaxing weekend tomorrow...may do a few yard sales, and some birthday parties, golf and even a craft night on Sunday evening:) Fun!!

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