Saturday, May 3, 2014

Girl Scout Camp-In at The King Tut Exhibit at the Museum in Columbia

Last night Mommy and Carissa got to drive to Columbia to stay overnight in the Museum at The King Tut Exhibit with her Girl Scout Troop. We packed up our camping gear and headed south. We decided to leave a little early to grab some dinner there before. The girls were so excited and Carissa and her friend Brooke quickly found us a place to set up camp in the museum:) The girl's made an Egyptian craft and toured the exhibit. All the mummies were really cool and some very old artifacts as well. They had the best time in the themed playroom playing at the end. They wrote their names in hieroglyphics and made clay mummies too! After the fun they headed upstairs to tour the rest of the museum in their pajamas. We played a game of Uno and ate Jelly Beans and the Museum lights were out at 10pm:) Such a fun getaway for the night and Carissa had a blast with her troop!

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