Monday, May 19, 2014

The New John Deere Gator

So this past weekend I took Mason and Carissa out to a neighborhood yard sale to see what kinds of fun treasures we could find. They were amazed and loved that a lot of sales were selling juice and donuts. They both picked out some very colorful frosted Dunkin Donuts as we browsed lots of sales. My favorite find was a Green John Deere Gator Power Wheel for twenty dollars. I thought Ryder and Jackson would love it...when Mason and Carissa were younger we had a power wheel Mustang given to us by a neighbor and they loved it as well. It didn't maintain well as we had no garage at our first home so weather took its toll and we left it behind when we moved. We are happy to say we now own another and look forward to watching the boys have lots of fun cruising the neighborhood:)

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