Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Day of School...Yay Summer!

So the last day is finally here...the kids went to school this morning for just a few hours to say goodbye to their friends and collect their report cards. They bolted off the bus ready to start a few months of freedom and fun....Our neighbor Kelly made a super cute sign to welcome the kids home and so begins a summer of sun, swimming, backyard play, friends, cookouts and more. Well it will probably start tomorrow after the rain:) Hopefully it does not rain all summer like last year...there was barely a week last year that didn't have loads of rain. We were suppose to head to the beach today but as it is raining outside I think we will have to wait until a nicer day, 6 hours total of driving is a little much if the weather isn't great:( Will have to figure out something fun for today instead. Welcome Summer of 2014!!!! We are glad you are here!

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