Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Fun and Family Traditions

Today we spent the day getting cookies ready for Santa, reading some Christmas Stories, shopping at Sams Club for our Christmas Dinner...Mommy will be making a cornbeef, potatoes, salad, rolls and a giant chocolate birthday cake for Jesus:)  The kids also picked out some really festive cupcakes for Christmas Day...we ended our day by getting into out holiday jammies, putting some oats out for Santa's Reindeer and opening a few fun gifts from one another...Carissa got Ryder a Anna Clip Doll Set, Jack a Snowmobile Lego Set and Mason a NFL Football Game. Mason got Carissa an AG Movies Accessory Set, Jack and Ryder got Grabber Claws and Laser Guns.  All the kids enjoyed opening a few small things and can't wait to celebrate the Birth of Baby Jesus tomorrow and See if Santa made it to our house!!! Off to bed early tonight,Thankfully the boys only ate a few of Santa's Cookies this year!

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