Monday, December 15, 2014

Cookie Bake 2014

Yummy Cookies with Lots of Sprinkles...this year the kids loved our annual kids cookie bake...They were so helpful too! We cut and decorated trays of cookies while listening to christmas music....the boys ate tons of sprinkles and got a kick out of the jingle bells dangling from their new elf aprons:) Jackson dumped only a few tubs of sprinkles while Ryder ate his weight in mini m&m's. Carissa did a nice job decorating while singing and then helped mommy vaccum a million sprinkles and flour dust off the kitchen floor. Mason took his time and really tried to decorate his cookies nicely and then made a pirate ship cookie out of the left over dough. This by far was my favorite cookie bake year...the older two were really into it and the babies were still little enough to make it fun and then they all helped clean....i hope I can keep them wearing their chef hats and aprons for just a few more years!!!

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