Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Holiday Shoppers 2014

Every year we look forward to unveiling the treasures that our children have gotten us for Christmas:)  They are allowed to shop at school and vendors come from all over to provide them with affordable options to purchase as gifts for their family and friends...This year was just as special as the others to see Mason and Carissa pour their hearts into the gifts they chose for each of us....This year Carissa got Mommy a beautiful black and silver bracelet, Daddy a new screwdriver set, Ryder and Jack got character mugs with Candy and Mason got a rubber rainbow loom ball:)  Mason got Daisy a bag of doggie treats which she convieniently sniffed out under the tree and few days prior:), Daddy got a new hat with the Indianland Logo on front, Mommy got a beautiful silver necklace, He got Ryder a rainbow cord bracelet and Jack got some soft and fuzzy socks inside an Olaf cup:)  This is my favorite time to see them doing nice things for others and happy to report they did not by themselves one thing this year they really put alot of though into what each person would like too...I am very proud of them...not only have them barely asked for anything from Santa but they also have shown joy in giving to others:)

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