Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Parade in Waxhaw

We decided to go enjoy this beautiful weather of 66 degrees in December and go watch the parade. The kids had such fun playing at the park while waiting for the parade to begin...it was starting to get crowded along main street so we headed back up to our seats...Darren had to go get 2 more of our chairs and I had the kids along the street and all of the sudden I looked and Ryder was gone...in complete panic I picked up Jackson and walked the street looking for him anywhere...he was in a red columbia fleece and red santa hat like a million other kids that day:( I worried more the farther I got and finally people started saying a little boy with his description ran past them a while ago...I just kept running and some nice people helped me look too... we tracked him a good 10 blocks down I would have never thought he would get that far but he was finally stopped by a lady that walked him to the police officer until I could get down to end of street carrying Jackson....so scary!!! He is safe now and we watched the parade and had dinner but this will be a memory I wont forget and I pray never happens again...love my babies so much and I definatley will not underestimate how far a 3 year old can wander and how quickly so thankful we found him!!  The parade was nice and the kids caught lots of candy...we had a nice dinner at Maxwells tavern and are now home with ALL 4 kids safely tucked into bed.

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