Sunday, April 19, 2015

Carissa celebrates at Kerrington's Butterfly Birthday

So this weekend has gone by quickly Daisy is still not eating well or going potty so this morning I called the vet and talked about some possible tests they could do Monday morning to see what they can do for her....not sure where this all came from or how fast it has come on... but she can't walk much at all so we were lucky enough to get her out into the back yard and have the kids take a few pictures together with her and we are hoping this 1st round of tests will tell us what wrong...Later today though Carissa had a wonderful time at Kerrington's Butterfly party...The got beautiful wings and headbands and their faces pretty...She even had the Balloon Man make her an Elsa from Frozen. We ended the party by singing happy birthday, eating cake and watching Kerrington release some amazing Monarch Butterflies...what a great day to turn 6 years old and so glad we got to join in the celebration

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