Sunday, April 12, 2015

Charlotte Knights Game

So we were super lucky this year and Mommy decided to scoop up some last minute tickets to opening weekend to the Charlotte Knights game...Last year by the time we checked for tickets to the new stadium uptown all the games were sold out so this year I was able to get some for this game and another in September....even then trying for 6 seats anywhere was a little tough.  We headed up early to played around at Roman Bearden Park before the game....tons of people were there enjoying the weather playing frisbee, picnics a few cute pictures of the kids playing around with the city in the background and then headed over to the game....The little guys were thrilled to meet Homer the Mascot while waiting in line to enter. We ate some yummy Dippin Dots while watching the game...the kids were a little wiggly so Daddy took the littles to the big grass hill to play around while we watched a few more innings with  Mason and Carissa....Carissa had her mitt hoping to catch a ball. Earlier she was over the moon because she got her 1st hit of the season at the Jayhawks game this morning and Coach Wes gave her the game today was all about baseball for her:)  It was a great night and we are looking forward to the next game....Mommy tried to skip those super duper hot summer games so by next September we will be ready to cheer the Knights on again:)

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