Friday, April 24, 2015

Strawberry Picking at Hall Family Farm

An annual tradition by far is one of our favorites picking strawberries at Hall Family Farm....this year is surreal as I over hear conversations of this being this last year in business....if this is true than it will be a sad day for our family... we have come here since Carissa was 1 1/2 years old. We LOVE picking berries and making freezer jam (even though Carissa is the only one that actually eats the jam) they all eat the berries:)  Even better they have so much more to do each year...this past fall they added a firetruck and slide along wit the already fun water pump duck races, tricycles, sand box and yummy slushies....they had alot of rain this past week so we had to search for good berries but all the kids had fun doing it so it was really no trouble at all...I almost waited since they said picking would be better next week but glad I didn't because the weather was perfect and we all had a fun time:) Keeping our fingers crossed that they will be open for years to come because we love the farm!

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